This 1971 Hemi Cuda cannot be displayed

The Hemi Cuda you are looking for are currently unavailable. The car might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your 4 AM searchers.

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes) Clone Maker button, or try again later.
  • If you are "F" and typed the VIN in the address bar, make sure that it is entered correctly. (BS27R).
  • To check the status of your 4 AM searchers, click the Goon menu, and then click Goon Options. On the Location Method tab, click Sneaky. The settings should match those provided by your spies or Board Members.
  • If the Indian Reservation has enabled it, the Private Detectives can examine your area and automatically discover 1971 Hemi Cuda remains.
    If you would like to use the Internet to try and discover them,
    click Detect Cudas Detect Cudas
  • Some Cudas require 500 thousand dollars to locate them. Click the Panic menu and then click About Finder's Fees to determine how much you won't get.
  • If you are an Old Guard Mopar Fan trying to protect your interests, make sure your options are left wide open as long as possible. Click the Tools menu, and then click on Mopar Jamie. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Head in the Sand section and check settings for your parts cars.
  • Click the Bomb button if you have way too much money.

Cannot find Hemi or VIN Search Error
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